Razor Chemical, Inc. was started when owner Suni McClelland brought her idea for a cleaner that is harmless to the user and the environment to chemists at the University of Arkansas. Soon a line of cleaners were developed that are among the safest on the commercial market. In their first four years, Razor Chemical moved or expanded their facilities each year to keep up with the demand and growth of their business. During this time of expansion, and through the past two decades, Razor has relied on SCORE to help advise them on business decisions big and small. No matter how large Razor Chemicals grows they constantly refer to their mission statement of, “We will give our customers the best cleaners at the best price with the best service”, to stay true to the founding principles of the company that have made them a SCORE success story. 

My successes. 

For over twenty years Suni McClelland has worked with SCORE to help Razor Chemical, Inc. with business expansion, government contracting, and a slew of other areas that have popped up over the life of her business. Razor has developed a variety of cleaners including Razor Green, which is the finest stainless steel cleaner that anyone has ever seen while being environmentally safe and people friendly. To go along with their large selection of cleaners Razor has developed a line of accessories that are aimed at helping manufacturers minimize chemical waste and saving them money. Now Razor Chemical, Inc. is a company that is running debt free and making seven figure profits annually, thanks in part to the assistance of Razor’s SCORE mentors. 

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE has been there for Suni McClelland and Razor Chemical, Inc. since 1992. Over twenty years Razor Chemical has relied on SCORE mentors to answer questions and give advice on a variety of business topics. When Razor was starting up, SCORE was easily accessible to assist with identifying and taking advantage of growth opportunities. As Razor has grown, SCORE has been only a phone call away to lend an ear to Suni McClelland when she finds herself facing a business decision. Suni looks back on her twenty years working with SCORE and says, “We are debt free and average about 1,000,000 in sales. Thank you to all the SCORE staff and to Bob Smith for his advice.”

What's great about my mentor? 

When asked about working with SCORE Suni McClelland says, "I am truly grateful to have this local resource. Being able to pick up the phone and ask for help, or recently for advice, is a gift." Razor Chemical has relied on SCORE since they began producing chemicals in 1992, and they continue to stay in contact with SCORE Mentors like Bob Smith today. No matter the area, SCORE finds a way to help Razor Chemical including with marketing, inventory control, and manufacting. It's a relationship that has seen Razor Chemical go from an idea at the University of Arkansas into a profitable business that continues to grow beyond expectations. 

Razor Chemical, Inc.