Meet Our Mentors

 Jim Sadler

 Operations management, business plans, business start-ups, general management


Bob Smith

High Tech manufacturing, international operations, mergers and acquisitions

Gerry Cormier

Problem-solving, business plans, business startups, technical expertise

Steve Lucchi

Restaurant startup and operation, sales, computer information systems

Danny Stedman

Web site technology, restaurant operations, grocery and deli operations


John Twyford

Improve business performance in marketing, operations and finance, banking


Jay Young

Business Operations: business strategy and planning, human resources, sales, marketing and public relations.


Tim Zimmerman

Business Finance and Accounting, Business Operations, Business Strategy and Planning, Human Resources and Inter Communications, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations.

Dianne McKinney

Business Finance and Accounting, Business Strategy and Planning, Human Resources and Internal Communications, Sales, Marketing and Public Relations, Supply Chain Management. Technology and IT Services


Don Bradley

Don Bradley has world-class experience in business finance and Accounting, strategy and Planning, governmental regulations, sales, marketing and public relations, Non-Profits and supply chain management.


Roger Best

Roger currently owns three businesses with his primary business being IT. He also has experience in marketing and the travel business.


Carol Silverstrom

Carol works with small businesses to obtain government contracts.