About Us

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and has been mentoring small business owners for more than forty years.

SCORE is a valuable network of 13,000+ volunteers who offer small business entrepreneurs confidential business counseling services at no charge. SCORE volunteers have the knowledge and experience to help any small business owner get the help they need. Our dedicated volunteers represent over 3,000 years of experience across 62 industries.

SCORE also provides local workshops and events throughout the country to connect small business owners with the people and information they need to start, grow, and maintain their businesses, as well as online workshops available 24/7. SCORE provides resources, templates and tools to assist entrepreneurs in developing tools and plans they need to navigate their way to small business success.

Founded in 1964, SCORE is headquartered in Herndon, VA and has 364 chapters throughout the United States and its territories, with over 13,000 volunteers nationwide.


Meet Our Mentors

Jim Sadler

Operations management, business plans, business startups, general management


Bob Smith

High Tech manufacturing, international operations, mergers and acquisitions

Gerry Cormier

Problem solving, business plans, business startups, technical expertise

Steve Lucchi

Restaurant startup and operation, sales, computer information systems

Danny Stedman

Web site technology, restaurant operations, grocery and deli operations

    John Twyford

     Improve business performance in marketing, operations and finance, banking




     Jay Young

     Business Operations: business strategy and planning, human resources, sales, marketing and public relations.




   Gina Pope

    Basic operations, business strategy and planning




  Tom Massey

   Business operations; business strategy and planning, human resources, sales, marketing and public relations.




    John Hiegel

     Business Finance and Accounting/Business Strategy and Planning/Technology and IT Services